Let's make your game or app closer to more gamers around the world!

Pre-localization video game or app analysis and setting up
the localization kit

Adding a simple and effective localization support at an early stage of the development process will save you a whole lot of potential headache. It will also tremendously widen the audience of your future game or app.


Want to get your game noticed by your target audience in the Russian- or Ukrainian-speaking region as early as possible? Ask me how.

Localizing your video game, app or help

After putting together the loc kit I start the localization process: translating the text, editing, proof-reading, consulting with your game writer on points that require knowing exact context or specific game situations.

Being a professional translator who loves video games and plays lots of them, I know exactly which questions should be asked in order to deliver a good translation.

Post-release support

Your localized video game or app has finally been released, whoa!


Your tech support people receive heaps of data about the ways people are enjoying your game and you have enough info to release a patch or two.


No problem. I am here 24/7 to help your software have a smooth launch in all regions and on all platforms simultaneously.

My Clients